Skyscanner: The flight god

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Skyscanner logo

Oh, Skyscanner, how glad we are to have met you so long ago. How many dollars did we save thanks to your divine search skills? You might think we are crazy but as soon as you start using the website, it will truly become a god to you, the kind with many arms that can pull cheap flights out of nowhere. Oh and in case you were wondering, no, we are not paid by the marketing guys of Skyscanner, we just use this website every time we travel so we thought it might help other travelers as well.

So what is Skyscanner? is a website that allows you to search for a flight from one destination to another, well nothing amazing you’d think, but it also looks on other flight websites and airline companies’ sites to find the lowest one, you can compare all the prices. Still not convinced?

Why it’s awesome

Now, there are many other websites that compare flights and find the cheapest ones, but Skyscanner is slightly different. As stated above, Skyscanner is the flight god.

Usually you have to know a few things before you search for a flight, like a destination or a date. If you want to search for more than one city in a state or country, or more than one date you generally have to search each one individually, and yes it can be a pain when you have slow internet or you’re not patient. So, if like us, you don’t like to browse a hundred pages before you find the right deal, Skyscanner has a neat feature for you. Instead of entering a specific date you can enter a specific month, or “any”, and instead of one city you can simply enter a country, or “everywhere”. This way if you want to leave your cold country in October, for example, you can simply see what day is more preferable for your wallet.

How to use it

The good thing about Skyscanner is that it’s quite simple to use it, even if you are not tech savvy. As long as you have a keyboard and a mouse or a smart phone, you too, can save money.

For example if you live in Canada and want to travel but don’t have that much money and just want to go somewhere new you can type from Canada to Everywhere in the respective search engines.

Skyscanner homepage

If you have a specific date for your departure you can simply click on the calendar icons in the date section and enter your dates. But if you don’t, that’s where Skyscanner comes in handy, it gives you the opportunity to browse a whole month or even a whole year, which means you can truly check when it’s more economical to leave your country. If we were living in Canada, we would surely go to Costa Rica in October, but hey, October in Yukon is not too bad either.

Skyscanner date settings

Before you start your search, don’t forget to check the settings on top of the page, since you may not be a Romanian who speaks Vietnamese and pays in pesos. Modifying the settings will of course enhance the results of your search.

Skyscanner language settings

And there you go, you can simply see what Skyscanner found for you after you clicked the “Search” button. If you didn’t specify the exact airport of departure and arrival, you will see a list of cities or countries to help you finalize your search and get the most accurate details.

Skyscanner search results

The great thing about this is that if there is a flight from any airport in your country to anywhere in the world, Skyscanner will help you to find it. That’s how we found a cheap flight from the U.S. to Japan, because it would have been more expensive to leave from Georgia, we found on the website a flight from California, then the only thing we had to do was to find another cheap flight from Atlanta to L.A. We saved about $500 this way and you too can do the same; you just have to explore the possibilities. The site is great if you want to play with ideas of where to go or when you’d like to take your next vacation. If you have time but limited money it is a great way to find a flight or at least find out which companies are offering these promotions.

We hope this article helped you out in your quest for the cheapest flight. As you can see you can also use Skyscanner if you are looking for hotels or if you want to rent a car and it works the same way.

Do you know any other nice websites to look for cheap flights? Did you use Skyscanner before ?


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