Fly on the Cheap: Low Cost Airlines

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There are many websites and airlines that allow us to fly for a very low price within a region, country, or continent, of course our normal go-to website is Skyscanner (read our previous article), which compares many of those sites, but often by going directly to the airline’s site, better deals can be found. Here are our favorite discount airlines:


Air Asia (flies almost everywhere)

Tiger Air (mostly flights which pass through Singapore and thus a chance to experience the most awesome airport Changi - check our upcoming article)

Peach (mostly within and in or out of Japan)

Firefly (within and in or out of Malaysia)

Lion Air (within and in or out of Indonesia)

Indigo (within and in or out of India)


Easy Jet

Ryan Air (watch out for out of the way airports and hidden fees)


Jet Blue (within the US)

Spirit (within the US and to and from Latin America)

Frontier (within the US)

Africa/ Middle East

Air Arabia (North Africa and Middle East)

Now of course if time isn’t a limit, traveling by land is always preferable, but for the times you need a flight, the distances or to far, or an ocean just happens to be separating you from your destination here are some sites we recommend a majority of which we have tested. We hope to share this as we always have trouble finding a conclusive list online of good budget airlines and it can often be a pain finding them. Of course there are several more country specific airlines but since land transport is usually preferable for the budget or culture curious travel, we mostly mention those that also have international destinations.

Please, if you have any other sites or airlines to add, share them with us and we will also edit this as we travel more and find new airlines!

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