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So you would like to travel the world would you? Not enough money you say? Lucky for you that's no longer a problem. Of course some people have special circumstances, like a single parent with three kids who is out of work. There are exceptions and it may take longer for some people than for others, but don’t be discouraged if you really want to travel you can!

Our purpose in creating this blog is to help scratch the idea that only those who have a lot of money can travel. It’s possible for almost anyone that can spare $15 per day, which would be $450 for one month of travel! It may seem like a large chunk of change, but you would only have to save a little over $7 per day for two months to afford a one month vacation anywhere in the world! Maybe instead of buying that $5 Moccachino, make a coffee at home and add a little chocolate syrup and milk, instead of going out to eat, start cooking at home. Do you really need to buy that new shirt? Is cable really necessary when you can use the internet to (now legally) watch anything you want for less than the monthly cable bill?

We hope to share some tips and our experiences to not only show that it is affordable to travel but to hopefully also inspire someone to go themselves and search for their own wonders in the world, to pop the bubble of the world they exist within and see what lies outside of that bubble, to learn new ways, try new foods, meet different people, see new people, or just to realize that the possibility exists!

So go ahead: learn new languages, try local food, climb a few mountains, swim with the fish, pray in a temple; live your dreams, don’t just dream them!

Plane over Mount Fuji

How much do you usually spend per day traveling?

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