About us

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We are a couple addicted to traveling and in doing so with a very small budget. We would like to share our experiences traveling for less than $15 per day in over 40 countries. We like to travel not only to save our wallets but also to become culturally aware. We do our best to help by volunteering, learning more about the culture, learning the language, and giving the little money we have to the right places.

Jacqueline Dagher is American-Lebanese and was born in Atlanta, Georgia December 8, 1988. She has lived in the US, Lebanon, and France, speaks French and English fluently, as well as basic Spanish and Arabic. She graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2012 from Columbus State University and when not fulfilling her traveling addiction she is fueling her addiction by working.

Aurelien Lemaire is French and was born in Besancon, France on July 11, 1987. He lived most of his life in France and occasionally in the US. He graduated with a degree in Multimedia in 2010 from Universite de Franche-Comte after a year of studying languages. He speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian fluently and is not so bad at mumbling Bahasa Indonesia.When not traveling, Aurelien is just enjoying life as any other frenchmen, drinking wine and eating cheese.