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Hello folks, so eventually we would love to visit every country in the world (or almost every country) but for now here are our accomplishments as a duo and solo for some countries, as well as our planned route and future possible routes:

Countries Traveled
World map 
North America

1. United States 
2. Canada
3. Mexico (Jacqueline)
4. Jamaica (Jacqueline)
5. Grand Cayman (Jacqueline)
6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Aurelien)


7. France
8. United Kingdom
9. Ireland
10. The Netherlands
11. Sweden
12. Norway
Firefly Malaysia13. Spain
14. Portugal
15. Germany
16. Switzerland
17. Austria
18. Liechtenstein
19. Slovenia
20. Croatia
21. Italy


22. Egypt
23. Tunisia (Aurelien)
24. Madagascar (Aurelien)


25. Japan
26. Korea
27. Taiwan
28. Philippines
29. Singapore
30. Malaysia
Nagoya airport arrivals31. Indonesia
32. India (Jacqueline)

South America

33. Colombia
34. Ecuador
35. Peru
36. Bolivia
37. Chile
38. Argentina

Middle East

39. Lebanon (Jacqueline)

Countries left on our current route:


1. Vietnam
2. Laos
3. Cambodia
4. Thailand
5. Myanmar
6. India
7. Nepal
8. Bangladesh
9. Sri Lanka
10. Lebanon 
11. Syria (If the situation is better)
12. Jordan (Hopefully)
13. Turkey (Maybe)

To see more about our current route including an interactive map:

You will find updated informations in the Countries visited section of our blog

Future route ideas:

1. Hitchhike/go overland from Turkey back to France
2. Go to France then hitchhike through Spain to Morocco and back
3. Go to France then hitchhike through Eastern Europe and back
4. From Lebanon find the cheapest flight out and see where that takes us

Hitchhiking Italy

Where should we go next?

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