Why you should travel with a baby

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We have now taken Leila our 20-month-old to 11 countries traveling with us. She has been on 28 planes, couchsurfed, hitchhiked, countless trains, buses, taxis and motorcycles, played with children in villages, been passed around during traditional ceremonies, celebrated Ramadan, blessed by a Hindi holy man, and much more. She will not remember it so why take her?

 Before we had a child, everyone said, “just wait, once you have a baby you won’t be able to continue traveling like you do”, “kids are expensive”, “kids are difficult”. So other than just wanting to show people that yes, it is possible and yes you can enjoy it we also want to continue experiencing the world its sites, nature and people so why wouldn’t we bring her with us?


Here are just a few reasons to travel with a baby:

1) It does not cost more. Under 2s are almost always free. They do not cost that much extra especially if they are breast feeding. Transportation they are usually free or way cheaper, they do not have to pay entry fees or need an extra hotel bed and they really do not eat much,

International plane rides are almost free just pay taxes and fees and usually people will accommodate you to have an entire row! 


2) You are less likely to get ripped off. People love babies and toddlers and are more likely to help, give up their seat, etc. and very rarely going to charge you more.


3) You will make friends with locals. When you have a baby, people are curious. They want to say, “hi”. Having a child with you removes a barrier and automatically gives people a reason to come chat. If kids are around your child will automatically be drawn to them thus throwing you in with the locals. If you, like us, want to travel to understand the culture and life of locals this makes it so much easier.

Not only are babies free in transportation but you get lots of free babysitters (aka locals super excited to play with the baby)


4) You will see things differently. You do things you would not normally do- stop at playgrounds, stop so a local can tickle your baby, stop at zoos. You see things through their eyes and your joy also comes from seeing their joy.


5) You will take it slow. With a baby you slow down, look at the little cat or flower, stop for naps, etc. You will also get more time to enjoy your little one.


If you want to travel with you kid(s) do not let the naysayers convince you otherwise. It is possible and it is worth it!


Only negative part of traveling with a baby: It's harder to take pictures and hold a baby
Only negative part of traveling with a baby: It's more difficult to take pictures while holding a baby


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