Video of the Week #2

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Some people ask why we travel? Sometimes words just can't answer the question completely. This video created by Clemens Kuger, Vincent Urban, and Stephan Templer helps to answer the "why" by capturing some of those moments that one just can't explain. This video shows a trip in South America in 2012 by Landrover covering Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil which immediately brought back beautiful memories of our trip in South America also in 2012. When traveling we often feel like children seeing things for the first time. We explore, question, and sometimes just watch, time becoming just a mere idea.

Unexpected Hospitality

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We were embarking on a new journey, which required one of those grueling Indonesian bus rides, a twenty five hour journey from Bengkulu, Sumatra to Jakarta, Java, on the “economy” bus which only cost $18 instead of almost double for the same journey but of course without the adventures of an “economy” bus. Considering hitchhiking is a pain in Sumatra due to the lack of cars, the condition of the roads and the distance between cities, we just thought it was not worth the trouble.

Bus in sumatra
An economy bus in Indonesia looks like this
So we opted for the fun bus ride on the type of bus that stops every ten minutes with people getting off and on, loading huge bags to transport merchandise, fruit, fish, vegetables, chickens, etc from Sumatra to Java. Unfortunately it was raining a lot so everyone closed their windows and due to the intense heat we had the lovely impression of being in a large steam room, fully clothed, full of people and interesting odors and best of all smoke. Sorry but this sounds better than being in an air conditioned bus with reclinable seats.

Picture of the Week #2

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Two children in Pulau Samosir near the town of Tuk Tuk in Indonsia who were walking barefoot down the street hand in hand and came to a little shop to buy some candy. After buying the candy they sat down to pick through and compare what they had. This was such a simple yet precious moment. 

Video of the Week #1

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We will now add a new component to our blog, Video of the Week. Once per week we will share either an inspiring travel video or a video that we captured during one of our voyages somewhere in the world. Please help by sharing these videos, and commenting on them.

This video, "Move", shows three guys traveling in 11 countries and almost 40 thousand miles in 6 weeks, and with all the footage captured, creating a beautiful one minute video. This video is one of a three part series, Move, Eat, and Learn commissioned by STA Australia. STA travel basically helps students travel and study abroad, by providing cheap flights and tours and even providing scholarships for students.

Picture of the Week #1

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Today we are adding a new element to our blog called "Picture of the Week". Every week we will post an interesting picture taken during one of our trips. From landscapes to food to people, discover the world from a different angle.

This week's picture was taken in Langkawi, a Malaysian island off the coast of Thailand while we were sitting watching a parasailer gliding off into the sunset, the call to prayer sounding in the distance and children playing in the sand beside us.

What To Pack: Getting Ready For Your Next Trip

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Ready for a new trip and having a tough time deciding what to pack? Here are some suggestions based on our experiences and the one sure thing that we do after every trip is to vow to take less and carry smaller backpacks for the following trip. Regardless of whether your trip will last only two weeks or as long as two years these tips are still the same.

Backpacking South Korea
It's easier to walk around with a small pack

What to Pack?

Pack the LEAST POSSIBLE! After you pack take out half of what you were going to bring and leave it. Here are some suggestions on what to bring or leave and some important reminders.